Boxing Day Party (Mojito Monday)

We’re having a few drinks and chucking a movie up on the big wall out the back on Boxing Day. Anyone is welcome to drop by. We’ve got a crap load of mint so we will be making a big batch of Mojitos. I’ll also have some homebrew kicking around.

Rock up around 7ish, movie will start at 8pm (Life of Brian).


Address: 70 Geelong St, East Brisbane

^^ sweet, should be home from inlaws shit by then :slight_smile:

how much inlaws shit have you got on - you’re seeing them on xmas day too yeah???

XMAS EVE, xmas day, boxing day…
well boxing day is a freind of the inlaws family but anyways, its still not me time…


i’m going to melbourne boxing day so you’ll have to go on without me, as tough as that will be

can you please ensure the daily fix of Scott Time is still provided?

I’m working till about 6:30 may rock up on the way home- to sample some of your recent brews, if they’re ready.

Nice seasonal movie choice, Dan.

Oh they’re ready Dave. I’ve got a double IPA I’ve been saving up. Delicious!

Maybe Scott can dial in during the intermission?

“He’s not the messiah, he is a very naughty boy”

Life of Brian and Muppet’s Christmas Carol are my favorite Christmas flicks.

Beard Madam?

Fav xmas movie, Bad Santa.

Don’t forget National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, chevy chase, shit, if i was beverley d’angelo i’d a fucked his dick off… and vice a versa

have a godd parday lads