Boys Aluminium Road Bike with Campagnolo

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Looks like a vitus

Watching this. Could be a vitus, or an alan, or a litage. Or some other lugged alloy jobby.

His ^ size too, so leave it be everyone. Bansville for anyone gettin’ in the way! (he’s a mod :slight_smile: )

Giant? alloy tube version of the Cadex.

ah sorry if I announced it to the forum, good luck!

100% Vitus

Where were all the bids? Got it for the Mrs … didn’t realise you guys had it on here

I opted out. Glad you got it and will use it, I woulda just let it sit under my house for a couple of years before moving it on.

I got more than a few bike and frames “under my house” … anyone want a Corima Cougar?

Yeah who dosnt want one

deets pls.


Okay, okay … I’ll get some pics by the weekend. Also comes with two Corima Ellipse seatposts and Corima embroidered saddle.


any wonder i can’t sell my alan… what a steal!

Yeah prices have dropped

Pickup was in ORANGE though… not exactly 5 minutes out of Sydney CBD.

Yeah and a poor listing

I think both of these worked in my favour

No doubt. I’d have driven out to pick it up if I was still in NSW for sure. cheep cheep.