Brackets for cameras...brains trust required

Question to all comers… Has anyone attempted to mount an iphone to a helmet for filming purposes? Most of the ideas on the net require structural damage to the helmet or an inability to get to the record button. I want to use the iphone because it is heaps lighter than strapping a sony handicam to your scalp whilst manoeuvring traffic.


Sounds like tears will be involved… When that ute crushes your new iPhone 4+sweet apps.

Why not get a GoPro…

Funnily enough I have already dropped the iphone4 into the front spokes whilst on a ride to ‘the Gong’ in an attempted revival of spokey dokey. The iPhone lives to fight another day. Was looking at cheaper options than the GoPro range. The only other item I have come across is this one…Buy Muvi Micro Camcorder FILM YOUR RIDE in VIC - BikeExchange.

here’s a better solution:
don’t record your ride, there’s already infinitely too many shitty fixie videos on youtube :confused:

oregon scientific

Oregon scientific is too big and heavy. I’ve been experimenting with various hat cams for both riding and IPSC Pistol Shooting that i compete in and the oregon scientific sucks.

Waiting on one of these to turn up from eBay. The reviews look great and it’s TINY.


have a look on youtube for vids like this:-

Also tempted to try this- taken from on of my shooting mates.

These videos (shooting ICORE targets) were taken by me using the video sunglasses I got from ebay for less than $30:

The actual quality of the video is so much better than what was loaded onto youtube due to file size restrictions.

YouTube - Stg 2
YouTube - Stg 1

The MD80 is very similar to that ‘muvi’ except it’s 20 bucks shipped lol

I’ve got a couple of these. They’re ok for playing around with and good for the price but they’re unreliable and have short battery life. And the controls are a bit fiddly.

GoPro HD, pretty much the best bang for your buck helmet camera on the market.

i used it on my helmet for track days (motorbike) so i guess the weight is less noticeable then on a bicycle helmet. Would be ok for mounting on your bars/tubes etc.

Although i agree GoPro is probably the shit to have at the moment, but again probably a bit too big to helmet mount?

Maybe a bullet cam and have the cam corder in a backpack?..

ContourHD is king!

the gopro comes with a helmet mount. it’s definitely noticable, but not too bad, and even an iphone attached to your head will be noticable.

i really wouldn’t feel comfortable with an iphone attached to my helmet; it would get whacked by low branches, if you fell off it would get destroyed, your phone would have a dead battery by the time you got to work, if you forgot about it and put your helmet on the ground it could break, and you will get some funny looks riding around with a phone strapped to your helmet.