Brake on non-machined white rims..?

Hey Fixed,
I just built up my first fixie conversion (pics soon) from a retro Centurion. Not having ridden a fixie in sydney before (only amsterdam and copenhagen where the city is flat!) i’m putting on a front brake for as long as i feel comfortable with the traffic and hills. my dilemma is that i have non-machined white deep-v rims… will the brakes:
a) leave permanent dirty marks
b) strip/ruin the paint
c) actually work


PS. looking forward to meeting some of you sydney riders at some meet ups soon!

a) yes
b) yes
c) to a degree

a) Yep, probably.
b) Probably not.
c) Be careful in the wet.

Welcome and have fun.

thanks mate, troubling news indeed. might see if the shop i bought it from will switch it for a machined one.


always! that’s why i built a fixie!

Either that or just use the brake enough and it’ll rub the paint/powder coat off so it is ‘machined side wall’

  1. get some sand paper
  2. wrap it around brake pads
  3. ride around for a bit with brakes ‘on’
  4. freshly machined sidewalls*

*may or may not ruin rims and or cause a massive accident

get a new wheel.

from this man^

Get a new bike

use the search function

Don’t red pads make fewer black marks or something?

this is a question is was wondering myself, what about white pads?

I know that clear pads squeal like a stuck pig.

if you just angle the pads onto the sidewall of the tyre you wont mark the rim - also i would suggest using white or clear pads for this

^can’t tell if you’re being serious or not…

of course i am serious, it is the only viable solution.

Helping Darwin … good man :wink:

I’ve sent the wheelset back, the shop is happy to replace it with machined rims. thanks for all the advice and help!
muchly appreciated :slight_smile: