Brake pads for late 80's (i think) Athena?

My front and rear pads for my Campy Athena calipers are dead.

The internet says they are late 80’s Athena (Athena | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

Anyone know what the deal is with sizing/obtaining pads for these?

Kool Stop make some replacements.

Koolstop Brake Shoes Campy Nuovo Salmon 4/Pkg

Shop around you should find them in a few places.

It’s been a while since I’ve sourced a set but I’ve been able to get these Coolstop pads to work quite well. If your pads are rounded (C Record) you’ll need to cut/shave or grind them down a little to fit right but it’s not too hard. They’ll also make a big improvement to your braking (new pads and housing is always a big improvement for old bikes). The salmon coloured ones are awesome in the wet or dry :wink:
Kool StopSalmon Brake Pads for Bicycles from Harris Cyclery

thanks guys…

at the moment they are one piece setups:

So I am curious as to what housings fit? I read there are pre 2000 and post 2000 campy sizes?? Any suggestions?

You’ll need to go even earlier - the pre/post 2000 is ergo era stuff. Won;t work with what you have. You’re rear pad holders will take the older Campy Nuovo type pads (thick square pads I posted pics of above), you’re front pad isn’t original and you’ll need either new holders to make it original (and work with the old style pads) or a new pad and holder combo.

If you’re just looking to do it cheap and can’t source the correct era holders then most any style of brake pad and holder combo should work. Check your LBS and you may need a washer or two to have them fit or space correctly.

Juts in case you’ve mixed up terms housing is the flexible sheath that covers/surrounds the brake cables and acts as a stop. Pad holders or are what hold the pads. I only mentioned housing as on most old bikes it’s best to replace bit the pads and cable housing, cables too if they’ve frayed or look past their use by date.

You can source the holders … just have to be patient. Hard to tell but I think yours are chrome steel rather than Aluminium. They’re out there …
NOS Campagnolo Aluminum Right Side Brake Shoe w/Tab NEW on eBay (end time 21-Mar-11 01:48:40 GMT)


Well I am after practicality, this bike is already a mishmash so I am not concerned with matching the eras of pad and caliper.

After a second inspection, the rears as you said will allow those pads to slot in (and are chrome plated steel). And the fronts are shimano pads.

Are you saying I could get a modern shoe/pad combo and it should bolt up relatively fine?
Anyone have any recommendations if this is the case?

Yeah. Kool stop sell pad and holder combos.

just ended up ordering some ashima super light standards for campy…

when they wear down I will get some higher performance pads for them.
hopefully there will be no issues with fitment

I’ve found modern Shimano pads/holders work best with older Campagnolo brakes.

The brake pads from a 2010 Toyota Corolla won’t work with your 1986 Toyota Corollla. For this reason I suggested you’re local bike store. Saving $6 and waiting a week to find something doesn’t work is … well, lets hope they work/fit well.

yeah, rolling the dice… might update here with results

I needed some parts off the net for my commuter, so just added them to the order.

as predicted… the later model pads for campy didn’t fit.

So ended up blowing some cash and just bought another pair of Athenas off ebay that had one set of original shoe pads (because the shoes by themself are impossible to find).

This pair off ebay were in better condition so I am using them now. To install the new koolstops I had to remove the original pads… Tip: To remove original pads out of the shoe, just fold them out with pliars ie: | / - , rather cut or pull them out. Also had to use the original pads as a template for where to cut (with a grinder) the koolstop pads to give them clearance for the nut that sits inside the shoe.

pic time:

Hey … job well done and cool of you to post pics for future reference !!!

wow i love that caliper!! really neat! and a real good job too!!!

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