Brake Squeak

Problem - I bought a set of alexg6000 rims, and they are of course, non machined sidewalls yet ridiculously cheap.

I run two brakes on my single speed. After a couple of days, they are making a horrendous screech when hard braking is applied. I understand this is because they are non-machined, I also know the powdercoating on the wheel will wear off over time.

The question is, is there a technique, product or way of reducing this noise? Without resorting to buying new wheels?

Are there any brake pads that might reduce it?

Just wait until the powder wears through. I had an issue a while back with a nmsw and it was so loud it was embarrassing. But it stops once the powdercoat wears away.

Okay, might just take it for a ride one evening and roll down some hills while braking slowly. Might also try to smooth out the weld seam on the wheels because you can feel the jolt of it!

my SS with non-machined deep-v’s makes a sound like a donkey being defiled.

i like to think of it as a warning sound.

Cover brake pads with fine sandpaper.
Or use acid, but not the druggy type.

I had the same problem on some non-machined wheels and it was solved by swapping for some other pads that I had lying around. But I can’t tell you which ones to buy – maybe something softer? – I literally just swapped the pads from another brake I had in the parts box (from Dia-Compe standard to Tektro standard IIRC) and the problem was solved.

dylan - to be honest I did think of that as an alternative way of wearing down the powdercoating. though I don’t think im too keen on trying it.

Are you using black pads or clear pads?

Those clear BmX pads screech horrendously. I now have black pads on the front of my new steed with alex eBay rims too. So far so good very little noise, the occasional squeak so I Learnt how to skid instead lol

I gave my old Velocity’s a light sand around the rim. That helped until the coating wore off.