Brake Suggestions for Fuji/Obey track

Hi Everyone,
I am looking for any suggestions on a front brake for the Fuji/Obey track bike.
I’ve searched all over the net but can’t seem to come up with any results.

I’d like to know if the fork has enough room to be drilled and what type of caliper set will fit.
Any recommendations on brands of brakes and levers too.
I would like to stay under around $100 for the whole setup if possible.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

This may be an option for you, no drilling required:

Made by Dia Compe. I’d say a goldfinger lever would be a better pick if your Obey is the gold/black variety.

these are piss easy to fit,

id say fork out the $100-$115 for a set and be done with it :slight_smile:

Awesome! where can i get these? also what are they called?
Thanks for the help!!!

is this brake also compatible without drilling the forks?
it looks like it has clamps on the back i’m just not sure. Thanks!!!

forgot to post the link…

The brake you’ve linked doesn’t have clamps… but it is probably compatible with the clamp.

This one has both a brake and a clamp:

i.e: buy brake, buy clamp. Voila.

Ive got a clamp on brake on my concorde track… piss easy to fit, it might scratch your paint. I got a round clamp on cheap, but I had to squeeze it with some pliers to get it on oval forks… thankfully the paint job was already fvcked

put a layer of electrical tape on first.

Tape alone not usually enough…

Wrap mounting area with electric tape (1 or 2 layers), cut up a coke can to make an aluminium an band to wrap around the fork over the tape. Wrap with one layer of tape to keep in place. Put clamp on.

Match your tape colour to the frame colour and you’ll hardly see it.

This works well as a top tube protector also.

Strapping tape would work as well, 2 layers.

They’ve got them on too.

I do the same, but use an old inner tube instead of a coke can.

i think you can actually specifiy round or ovalised clamps depending on your fork which is pretty nice of them.

I think these are great instead of all the people drilling out track forks.