brakes are for flakes

but really rich flakes…

up to almost $2k with a bit under 5 days to go…o_0

And for another 3 grand you can probably install them yourself :lol:

Ever seen one of these sets in the flesh.

One word, only one.


I have a set. Decent tools and a good case.

Ohh yeah! takes me back to the good o’l days of watching the tour, 1989 Lauren Fignon’s bike

and found this…
[url=]http:// Some Perspective [/url

I have a set. Decent tools and a good case.
LWAB does it again, makes people who normally see themselves as cycling nuts feel that by comparison they ride a rusty huffy and can’t change a tire.

Thanks again Master Yoda

Can I add HOT to that list? :wink:

So, you think that I’m short, ugly, balding, have funny-looking ears and a weird speech style! :evil:
Actually, at least half of that description is correct… :roll:

That’s a good price. I’ve regularly seen the calipers alone go for more than that.

Closing price: US $3,202.00 (~AUD$3,500)

Pardon my french but thats fucked. I’ve never even spent that much on a car! I have however spent that on a bike but thats a different story, I got a whole bike, they’re just two brakes, no levers even. They’re hot (as far as two lumps of machined metal can be) I’ll concede that, but it’s not like they’re the David sculpture redone in bronze. I need to lay down for a bit.

I am sure for that kind of money you could have a set of brakes custom machined for you in the shape of burning $100 notes or whatever took your fancy.

I don’t think the people who bid on those brakes have any intention of using them.