brakes. front or back?

which is best for fixed

definitely front.
something to do with deceleration shifting weight balance to the front wheel increasing the tire contact patch, and meaning you can apply more pressure without locking up

Don’t worry about that whole flipping over the handle bars thing. It’ll never happen. If you keep your bum on the seat you can slam the front brake and you won’t come anywhere near flipping.
Read this>>> Braking and Turning Your Bicycle
It pretty much explains everything.

When you brake your weight shifts to the front, which means the front brake always has more stopping capacity than the rear because the weight pushed the front tyre onto the road increasing the contact patch.

Rear brake is good for stability on loose surfaces and/or at low speed.

If you only have one brake, it should be the front.

Cellardoor is right about going over the bars - it’s very rare. I suspect it really only happens when you brake hard while turning or on a loose surface.

You should practice hard braking so that you know what to expect when an emergency needs it. If you shift your weight back a bit you can brake very hard without flying over the front.

Of course, good quality brakes and learning how to properly set them up are important too.

Not to mention if you can skid a little you basically have a rear brake :slight_smile:

Negative. Skid = loss of traction = brake efficiency. The greatest efficiency of a brake is the point just before the tyre starts to skid, hence ABS brakes in vehicles.


:slight_smile: I meant more the case of skipping the wheel and the friction of your legs = brake

4c :slight_smile:

Every time I get on the fronts hard the back wheel slows heaps. I’m only worried about Rippin’ the headtube out of the Langster…

Ah that’s a scary thought, on Saturday Pete had the wedge in his quill stem give itself an autopsy, which left the bars flopping about! Nice work riding a few km’s without touching the bars though!