Brakes on my bike?

I was wondering if I should put brakes on my fixed gear bike?

Here we go… :roll:

I roll with a brake just for emergencies and have only ever used it once or twice. Do whatever you want though. Don’t think its defeating the purpose if you ride with a brake, having it dosent mean you have to use it. Also you might cop a fine from the fuzz if you don’t have a brake.

Also how long have u been riding fixed for? If your A beginner i would probably suggest you use a brake. when u get more comfortable with the style of riding you may choose whether to keep it or scratch it. peace :wink:

ok, i’ll pay this. lolz.

can someone just ban this guy?
this site gets way too much casual traffic for trolling to be accepted

Nah… brakeless… in heavy traffic… at night, without a light.

Thanks for seeing the funny side xbrendanx…

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