Brakes on Track rims

Whipping together a single speed (freewheel) that’s going to be using brakes a lot more than stopping when my chain breaks.

Will brakes work well on velocity aerozz?


Brakes work on any kind of aluminium rim, whether raw, powdercoated, anodised or machined.
Obviously machined gives better performance.

You are refering to Velocity Aerohead or DeepV?

Just Velocity Aero Track wheels =]

I’m concerned about the “rounded profile” concerning brake traction.


should be fine. they also use the aero for road wheels:

Ah, i should have checked that~

Thank you~

those aeros are rad rims, really strong and not too heavy.
i’ve run a brake on them, no trouble except for the anodized layer getting worn off and looking crap.