Braking without machined Velocity Aerospoke?

I wonder if anyone can offer me advice regarding a decent pad setup on the front wheel of a Velocity Aerospoke. They sent me the wrong rim with a non machined brake surface but they seem to think it’ll operate fine. Mine however is quite violent and makes a hell of a squeeling racket and seems to shudder fairly harshly. Does anyone know how to overcome this? Pad types?:confused:

Any advice sincerely appreciated.


a) a search would have found you this and probably several other relevant threads
b) the shudder and noise will subside as you wear through the paint or powdercoat or whatever it is.

You must be mistaken, the squealing is the sound of all females in a 1km radius admiring your spok.

Don’t worry, the paint will chip off the braking area of your 'spok before the brake will wear through.

Maybe just take the tire off and on a bunch of time and watch the paint chip away!

If they sent you the wrong rim I’d be sending it straight back.