Break it down!

Let’s get a break down. Not sure if this’ been done here before…

What are you riding?

Fixed, no brakes?
Fixed, front brake?
SS, front brake?
SS, front/rear brake?

Charge Plug
Fixed, front brake

50’s malvern track
fixed, no brakes
big gearing = fast and fun

80’s AIS pursuit frame, Carbon disc and Trispoke

No brakes

how is that frame going keith, it looks smallish?

Yeah its surprisingly comfy, but will be 10,000x better when I get the risers on it
Its damn fast

This is my stable minus a couple that are in the build up stage at the moment.

I present to you individually:

Cross Country - Modified Specialized Stumpjumper

DOWNHILL - Specialized Bighit

Just a whole lot of random parts slapped together, soon to be replaced as the frame isn’t quite right for me, then all red/black parts will be chucked on to a build for my brother.

COMMUTER BUILD - Hillman track bike
Just waiting on bits, should be done by the end of November

I have no idea what this is, it was saved from the tip, it is good for longer rides, I would like to replace a few bits on it.

FIXED CONVERSION - Hillman roadie
Nearly finished this build, not sure what I will doing with it once complete

Found in bin and converted.
Now running no brakes and black Brooks B17.
This bike is soon to be stripped of wheels and cranks to be put on a new build and then it will be repainted and built back up.

nice work, that looks like a really clean build. i see a lot of the custom builds with black frames. throw some colour in there. i saw a powder blue frame in Lyneham recently. looked sweet.

be adventurous!

Cheers dude. Haha, yeah the build i’m working on currently is a sky blue frame, silver components and white saddle/grips/tyres. Should come up nice!

The above bike will be completely black soon and then I’m starting another build which i’ve been dreaming up for a bit. That’ll be a bit more colourful, not starting it til next year though!

Hey Ezy, Where’d you get the orange done on the Hillman that youre building?
Looks nice!

Its more of a brown with a gold pearl… I have a mate thats a spray painter who owed me a bit of work.

Ah sweet, yeah I just finished spraying a bike myself, never again…
This next build I’m dreaming up will be based Eddy’s hour record bike, thats why i was wondering. Of course i’m just talking colours here, nothing on earth could compare to actually owning that bike, it makes me cry just thinking about it! :cry:

Add a Volume cutter to my stable, I picked it up this afternoon :evil:

Alrighty then lets start with the fixies.

1976 Speedwell Conversion: Favourite :smiley:

1978 Kabuki Polo Bike: Not Finished

2007 Specialized P2: For Sale

2008 Specialized XC FSR: Race Bike


haha you bought it off Alex. I was on the phone to him when you bought it!

my bikes

cell cingle fixed

herbie single speed

1950’s? Speedwell
Fixed, no brakes

god damn!! thats killer

some nice rides in canberra. keep’em coming guys. looks like ive got a ways to go before massing a stable like you some of you lot.

The disc is for laughs, probably going to sell it soon

My fixed gear… set up for crits :oops:

Mountain goat

Little Wheels

Old School - Now in pieces all over my shed

Ah Holidays…Now resides at a mates house.

Polo Bike

Possibly the best thing to have ever come out of my garage