"Breaks vs. brakes"-it's not only noobs who get it wrong.

Years of journalism school still can’t help this journo. Check out the last sentence.
Qantas plane a ‘flying wreck’

I think it was a punctuation error:

which had no anti-skid, breaks on landing.

sorry but I don’t think that “The flight crew had to use all of the 4km runway at Changi airport to stop the plane breaks on landing” makes any sense

No, I’m sorry. I should have used a :stuck_out_tongue:

In a recent poll, when asked if Bigadz is wasting his time on the “brake” debate.
1% of people said yes
2% of people said no
and 97% of people said who the hell is Bigadz!

if you want to get to know me you could start by taking me out for a drink

lol, good comeback.
Also, poor spelling annoys me, but not enough to start a thread about it.

As a journo myself, I’d be lynched for a typo like that. But it all comes down to money and skill - rocking up to a press conference is funny these days, it’s all 19 year olds earning $28k, having to file (or rip off) multiple stories a day. Journalism is a race to the bottom these days, and no one is paid enough to care about typos.

Making your username all the more ironic

obviously no one cares enough to also have have their name attributed to the story.

It would’ve been pulled straight from a newswire and retyped by some outsourced labour somewhere, then published without a subeditor even having a look at it.

its a fixie forum innit? isnt irony the name of the game?

^ Hot tip - stop thread digging before you anger the powers that be.


hahaha. wjwat1 is just saying that some people on this forum can be, well, condescending, if you don’t add anything new to an old post. especially if your post count/time since join date is relatively low

these are dangerous waters kid

There are a lot of people who should just talk less.

Including, but not limited to, Sarah Palin.