Brewery Ride #1 "Turkey Turners" Dec 27th to McLaren Vale

Getting brewery rides underway Adelaide style, after being able to enjoy Pin20/ Lyndons rides in Melburn.

Looking to roll down to McLaren Vale on Tuesday the 27th of December and hit up both the Goodieson and Vale Ale brewery’s.
Vale Ale offers lunch, thinking we would hit that first then to Goodieson.

Looking to roll out at 10am sharp from Victoria Square fountain, it is about 40km to Mclaren Vale.
We will be rolling the Southern Veloway hoping to arrive at Vale Ale around 1pm.

I’ll be riding the road bike, but ride whatever you feel works for you and you think can handle a 80 - 90km day out.
Pace will be mellow with no one left behind, regrouping after climbs etc.

Should be a good day out, spread the word too.

After riding this fixed and geared, I’ll be on my road bike.

It’s my birthday. Nuff said

Veloway is definitely the go.
Been thinking about doing this for a while now, will spread the word to the polo peeps that might not read this.
So when you say McLaren Vale Brewing I assume you mean Vale/Inn to consume some Vale/Ale and Vale/Drk.
The brewery isn’t very exciting having been there for the Vale/Drk release par-tay.

Might have the new super commuter sorted by then too.

Awesome! The Brewery Ride franchise continues to grow.

I can see a future riding being somewhat more challenging - Lobethal Bierhaus :smiley:

how hard would this be to ride fixed?
I only really ride a half hour to and from work a day and occasionally into the city.

Supposed to be doing a city run same day with Johnny Crash figured we could to this instead

I’ve done it fixed and I’m fat.

I would love to do this but, I am in Bali. Have fun guys!!

It’s more than doable fixed, it’s just the initial climb at Darlington (which is about 4k’s long), but the rest is not too bad. But yeah, there is a bit of up and down along the veloway. I did it brakeless fixed with Huge and I’m in no hurry to do it brakeless fixed again.

you could def do it fixed, the veloway is not exactly the hardest ride ever but it would be annoying

if you want to avoid the boring climb out of darlington just ride along the train line from glenelg to merino and take the coast to vines trail

meets up with the veloway about half way along, its much nicer than riding through marion/darlington etc

You’re onto something there Alex. The ride to the Veloway is shit, but along the coast is much nicer (albeit longer).

I’m liking the route change plan too.

There is a path from Anzac Highway to the bottom of the Veloway, I ride this on the 26" super commuter with a rigid steel fork.
Bit slower and a few roads to cross.
Otherwise it’s Glenelg, King George Ave to Brighton, along the railway line to Seacliff, up behind the school to Merino, then along the railway line again (Cove Road) on a bike path to Hallett Cove. The climb out of the Cove is a bit average and the climb up the last bit of Dyson Rd (Lonsdale Highway) is a bit crap. I’m not sure about getting ‘around the back’ of Hallett Cove as I’m normally on a roadie and the traffic doesn’t bug me.

fuck it I’ll give it a red hot go… do or die and all that.

yeah you cant get around the desal plant on the coast side so there is some lonsdale highway riding required. its ok though because the shoulder there is enormous.

but to get to mclaren vale id just follow coast-vines/veloway the whole way to be honest

The Coast > Vines way looks pretty good. The Veloway isn’t too bad, just the ride along Marion Road and up the hill at Darlington.

It’s more than achievable fixed. As I said before, a bunch of us did it start of last year to Aldinga Beach fixed.

And seriously, if you can’t be bothered riding home, catch the train from Noarlunga.

or buy rapha products and ride home

And now I know what you’re getting me for Christmas.