Brewery Ride v16

Latest ride 19th Feb 2014: V15.0

I was thinking about doing a few leisurely rides out to some regional breweries in the coming months, just thought I would see if anyone is interested in joining me?

The draft plan is to leave from Melbourne on a Saturday morning to arrive at the select brewery/pub for lunch. After a feed and a couple of finely crafted ales, turn around and ride back to the city, all with plenty of stops for coffee, photo ops, etc.

The numerous breweries I have in mind range from 60-75kms from the CBD, so nothing too ‘epic’, you can see the possible routes below:

White Rabbit Brewery DONE

Holgate Brewery DONE

Red Hill Brewery DONE

2 Brothers Brewery DONE

Bellarine Brewing Co DONE

Tooborac Hotel and Brewery DONE

James Squire Brewhouse, 3 Ravens, Bells Hotel, Mountain Goat DONE

Mornington Peninsula Brewery DONE

True South DONE

Hickingbotham Of Dromana, Beacon Brewery DONE

Hargreaves Hill DONE

Temple Brewing Company DONE

Coldstream Brewery DONE

Matilda Bay, Clifton Hill Brewpub

Wednesday Fix rules apply :wink: Let me know if your interested.

sounds like fun, i’d be keen

I reckon it’s a great idea. Love riding smashed. :evil:

How can something so wrong feel soooooo right?

I think I ‘zen’ better when I’m wasted, especially smashing home full power from St Kilda on the roadie with Zipps the other night. Would’ve hated to pick up the mangled carbon shards if I’d binned that.

I in no way condone this sort of behavior, it is STUPID and wreckless.

im sold on this idea! :evil:

You should call it ‘There will be blood’.

throw out your tool kits and pack a med kit.

+1. except for when i cracked my ribs after flipping over the bars 4 fridays ago :expressionless:

nothing too epic

75k’s each way isn’t epic enouggh for you?

it definitely sounds like fun though

Sounds good, I’d be up for some of that.

I am interested in your newsletter and would like to subscribe…

name the date! i’m in!

Can we wear tweed?


in fo sho…

only with flat caps!

Please accept this post as an indication of my interest in your proposal.

Let’s get fucked up.

man, i’m stoked about how many of these new threads are about riding or rides. spring is in the air, i guess.

Yeah sounds great.

Remember kids, we could always come home on the train. :evil:

sounds like a good plan.