Brewery to Brewery Ride

Hi, Just planning a quiet little ride on Friday evening before the swap meet next weekend:

Brewery to Brewery Ride

A roller coaster ride through the lower north shore, beginning at the James Squire Brewery at King Street Wharf, and ending at the Four Pines brewery Manly.

When: Friday, August 14, meet from 7ish for an 8pm sharp start.

Where: Meet at the James Squire Brewhouse, King street wharf.

What to expect: An undulating ride over the Harbour Bridge, through Neutral Bay, Cremorne, Mosman, Seaforth, Balgowlah and Manly. Some decent climbs and a couple of challenging descents for those who are brakeless. Good beer, good company and a ferry ride back to the city.

The one friday night in forever that I’m outta town…
Have fun, sounds killer.

sounds great, i’ve never really explored that side of the bridge.

i gather we can get some beers at the Four Pines place, rather than just standing outside going “oh look, a brewery!”


That’s the idea. If they object to a few stinking cyclists, then there are alternatives. The beer at Four Pines is better though :wink:

Hey Carlin,
I won’t be able to make Friday nights ride as I have to work.javascript:replaceText(’%20:oops:’,%20document.postmodify.message);
Sorry mate. Have a good one and I will see at the swap meet.



wanker :stuck_out_tongue:


t3rensho kindA sums our boy up… :smiley:

haahhaha that is soooooo stupid! but the ride sounds fun…

How’s yr shoulder?


hahaha… my shoulder is fucked! it sooo sore, anyway, i had my opp on the weekend and am now on the road to recovery. im pining so hard to get on my bike its killing me.


[quote="heavymetal "]

wanker :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote="t3z "]

Fixed that for you.

Did you sell one of your renshos at the swap meet? Soon we’ll have to call you t1rensho…

I dread to think of my new name Jono???