Brian Rourke frame set - Reynolds 653

Anyone know anything about these frames?

Brian Rourke road frameset - Reynolds - Campagnolo | eBay

Brian Rourke Cycles

Features in the book It’s All About The Bike.

Got the book for Xmas, just reading about the frames atm.

i’ve bought some stuff and ridden with this bloke, he’s a good guy, if ya need a hand with pick up/shipping give me a shout, although i’m out of town tomorrow til 2nd jan, if i wasn’t broke from the silly season i’d a looked at this, it’s nice

Thanks man.
I’ve bought a couple of things from this guy before and not had any complaints.
The frameset is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for to put my older Centaur gruppo on.

But I’ve also made an offer on that Olmo can received a counter offer so will see what happens with the bidding on the Rourke.
The only question was the Reynolds tubing versus Columbus for ride feel.

the 50th anniv olmo? shit balls…

i havn’t ridden a columbus road frame, but have ridden Dayne’s Reynolds 531 tubed Llewellyn and it was unfuckingbelievable…

Yeah, that one… counter offer is in budget :wink:

Ended. Anyone get it? Looks very nice.

Yeah man. Pics once it’s built up. Need to drop some coin on a new wheelset for the missus so I can steal her silver Campy wheels.

they better be shamals larfinboy… And what a great christmas present haha