Bridgestone MB-3 & my Miyate MTB

Nice MB-3:
Bridgestone On/Off Road Ladies’ Bike | eBay

My Miyata MTB:
eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

im the early/sole bidder on that MB-3, KEEEP AWAY EBASTARDS

That MB3 was a bit of a steal. Great colour.

Yes nice bike.
Is it me or is there a retro MTB renaissance going on right now?

there should be. and IMO yes, i think people are waking up to how excellent they are/can be. I’m interested to see whether it goes down the restore to correct parts (NOS, of course) or get frame and fork, and put newer stuff on it. Theres a lot less used-but-nice mtb parts around compared to road. Also interested to see if people use old suspension. I saw that serotta on here with the sid on it the other day, and my first thought was “I wish it was older and had a rigid fork”. but thats personal preference.

Not on my watch.

im going to leave the grip shift on to fulfill some childhod fantasy, this wild kmart bike i wanted when i was a youngin’ had grip shift and a fake front disc wheel,mum got me the malvern star mongrel which was pretty sick but i really wanted grip shift so its staying on until i slip off the bars and impale my guts on the stem (5 minutes?)