bridgestone mb1

NOS apparently

Vintage Bridgestone MB 1 Ritchey Logic Tubing NEW Never Built Frame | eBay

dat fork.

This is very nice and worth bidding on.

But the never built part is more or less impossible to prove & should be discounted completely. “never built” and “ridden for a only a few hundred km’s” is more or less the same thing. I know bikes with thousands of KM’s and not a mark on them.

Put money on the vendor not shipping to AUS.

agree, ‘never ridden’ is probably bullshit. don’t think dropouts would show that wear from simply have wheels fitted. also, derailleur hanger thread suggests derailleur has also been fitted.

still, very very nice. would be having a serious shot at it if I hadn’t spent all my play money last night.

I can ship a frame to the US.
If they take the exact same frame in the same packaging and return ship it to me it will be refused as being oversize.
It’s stupid but just how it is.

I’d have a shot if it wasn’t for this. Stupid 108" rule.

I’ve gotten frames before from the US (like my Tommasini) with no probs - they’ve arrived in full size boxes via USPS.

Same, just received a bike box with USPS - had it delivered to work/hospital so they may have considered it important, slacked off on the rules who knows

There are certain vendors that have accounts with USPS that allow them to do this.
Average punter/eBay seller has no hope, especially if they are a private seller.

Even the bigger sellers have issues, I won and paid for a 650B frame from BikeWagon on eBay about 3 weeks ago.
Only to have my monies refunded a week later saying the frame size exceeded shipping limits.

This. Some go through a 3rd party freight forwarder and have it shipped that way.
Ask the average US seller to look into this and see how quickly they couldn’t be bothered.

Yeah I used shipito and it was great but be prepared for $250-$300

Is a REAL freakout on singletrack. They might last OK in some places but mine scared me enough to get rid of it. A beautiful thing, though. Kinda reminds me of the Kelly CX forks… they flex so bloody much! But I know theyre supposed to… Just disconcerting.