Bridgestone NJS frame + parts

This might go up a bit over the next few days, but starting at $800 it is a good buy considering the parts included in the sale - just add wheels, cranks, pedals:,9864.0.html

User Dee Cee’s? Its in parts aswell on the forum…

I can’t quite tell from here, but it looks as though this may have been ridden in the rain, and then that white cotton bar-tape got really dirty and had to be washed with bleach.

Could mean that the price doesn’t go too high.

This bike got ridden on a dirt track once, wouldn’t touch it,

a wet dirt track at that. NJS rusts right up as soon as it gets wet.

and NJS steel is different from other steel how? thats normal for most steel, specially columbus. Hense why its goo to remove seatposts from bike whenever you’ve ridden in the wet, even stems.

I just took the image into Photoshop and used the enhance function, and was shocked to see that the top tube has a small dent in it from what I’m willing to bet was the owner trying to bar-spin with the drops on.

what truth to the rumour that NJS steel has to be stored with an ambient temperature between 5-25 degrees to replicate the conditions of a japanese velodrome, preventing temperature related expansion buckling?

if subjected to temps higher than 25 degrees, the steel has been known to spontaneously combust, ruining more than one hipster’s girlie jeans.


its true. this is what happens:

:cry: i really need to build myself a wet weather beater. this talk freaks me out. :cry:

I saw more about that Nagasawa with the rusted stays… supposedly water was gettign trapped in the BB shell, which led to the stays rusting out.

Plus, I’m pretty sure a NY winter would be harser on a bike more than our winter. Salt and water on roads anyone?

Buy an AUSSIE track frame like i did there made for these conditions in these conditions!
No spontaneous combustion here :smiley:
Bloody awesome frame but