Bridgestone njs

Heres the Bridgestone i picked up a little while back as a frame and fork.

Frame: Bridgestone njs 53cm
Headset: Hatta Super Swan njs
Stem: Nitto Pro njs
Bars: nitto risers oury grips
Cranks: Dura Ace octalink njs
Pedals: Dura Ace Njs
Seat Post: Dura Ace njs Easton
Seat: San marco Concor
Wheels: Dura Ace njs hubs laced to h+son tb 14’s

Thanks to Eric and gyp for some of the parts and the build.

Better photos to come.

That looks awesome.

so nice, love the frame and the tight clearances.

is this the same bridgy that was displayed in a shop?

I got it from one of the guys at supply.

Solid build! Really tight clearance…


noice, how many bikes is that?

Those tb-14s are super.

sweet build

Fap. <3 bridgestones.

Sooo cute! And yay no massively deep rims. I love this

Fucking classy. Those H+Son’s just set it off.

i wish i can build a bike than clean and nice as this

Thanks guys. tb14’s are so nice i love them.
Wuwu send me that colnago pursuit ill send you the bridgestone.

oh, tb14! yes, i have them on my Mercian too! much love.

haha, Mr C is my best fd

great build dayne, now just to see it rollin around at chandler!

solid build, so nice.

sweet lil mad cakes!!
not a big fan of the concor saddle - just looks a bit thick and cluncky compared to urrythang else

Yeah I want a nice kashimax but they are meant to be the worst to sit on.

i’ve never ridden a kashimax but always associated felt with comfort… rode a fivegold njs though for a total of maybe 10 minutes and it was like sitting on concrete :confused: