Bridgestone NJS

Finally saw a frame pop up on NJS Export with the right geometry for me (55.5cm C-T seat with 53.5cm TT), which is basically a shorter than usual top tube, so I bit the bullet and grabbed it. Had a bunch of NJS parts laying around from an older build that was way too big for me so moved it all across.

Ok, so obviously sacrilege to put standard Italian wheels on an NJS bike but hey, this ones for riding not putting on the wall so I don’t really care and wanted some fresh wheels, the Pistards are good value. Same goes for the pedals. I don’t really want to be dealing with wooden shoes and tubs, so I made some compromises. Used NJS where I like the stuff anyway and not where I don’t. Here is the result:

And here’s the specs:

Frame/Fork: Bridgestone NJS (55.5cm C-T ST, 53.5cm C-C TT), Black with blue undercoat visible through stripes
Wheelset: Miche Pistard
Tyres: Vittoria Rubino Pro 23x700C
Cog: Dura-Ace 15t
Chain: Miche Pista (ok, gotta swap that for a decent Izumi)
Crankset: Sugino 75 NJS (167.5mm)
Bottom Bracket: Hatta R9400 NJS
Chainring: Sugino 75 NJS 50t
Pedals: Exustar E-PR107TK Track Pedals
Headset: Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS
Stem: Nitto Pearl NJS 100mm 71 degree
Handlebars: Nitto B123 NJS 420mm
Grips: Choice Strong V Blue
Seatpost: Nitto SP72 Jaguar NJS (27.2mm)
Seat: Selle Italia Turbo Black

Got to say the NJS Export guys are great, well packaged frame, prompt delivery and condition as stated on the website. Actually I didn’t realise how good the paint job was from the website. Its a full two colour paint with masked stripes showing the blue bottom coat. In one of the few places it is chipped you can see the blue so they did the full frame blue then black. Maybe it was to cover something in the original paint but hey, looks nice to me now.

Have to get it out on the track yet, might need to get the longer model SP72 seatpost as the frame is just a touch smaller than I would usually go for but needed that to get the short TT. Quick shake down on the street through just to make sure everything was tight and I could already feel how smooth it was going to run. Here’s some more pictures.

Very nice! That’s a tall gear though!

^ For the street yeah that would be insane, 87.7 gear inches, but feels about right for me on the track since I am not racing, just doing lots of laps.


fark that is so nice

Love that blue and black

This makes me happy.

Nice! TBH I reckon the mix of NJS and non NJS is cool. I find parts lists boring when everything’s Nitto/DA/Sugino etc. I get it, but meh, just personal preference.

The blue stripe looks sick too.

^ Funny thing with the stripes are you don’t actually see them that well in the photos on their site here:

I didn’t even realise the seat and top tube had them, one shot you can see the seat tube one but you have to look closely to see any of the top tube one. You also couldn’t tell whether it was a decal or a proper two coat paint job, it was a pleasant surprise when it arrived and I found out it was the later.