Bridgestone Track SYDNEY

Posting for a mate, this was stolen from Mount Street, Pyrmont. If anyone see’s it around holla at me on here or text/call zero four three zero 352 697. Cheers!

Frame: Bridgestone NJS orange and white

Wheelset: NJS Suntour superb track hubs laced to tubular fiame rims

Cranks: Vintage Miche raod cranks with a 52 teeth Dura ace chainring.

Pedals: Mks NJS RX-1 + mks M steel toeclips + KASHIMAX Dual Sprint NJS Toe straps.

Saddle: Brooks B17

Handlebars: Vintage Cinelli PIsta 39cm Alloy

Headset: Hatta Swan NJS

Chain: NJS IZUMI Super Toughness

Just reposting the image from facebook for reference, hope this awesome bike gets found by someone.

Shit, do none of my pictures work?

They’re working for me. That’s rocket’s bike yeah? Sheeeeit.

Okay cool. Yeah it’s his!

Sorry, weren’t coming up for me so I thought I’d put it up - might just be my browser

my condolences.

Yeah, its’ very sad. Rocket didn’t deserve to have this nicked. Hopefully one of us spots it.

Damn rockets bike! Hope he gets it back.

daym,what was it locked up with? have crooks finally gotten through Krypto U locks?

What are you talking about?! Crooks have been able to get through those things for as long as they’ve been out. If there’s a will theres a way. All a lock is going to do is be a deterant. If the thief is determined enough it ain’t gonna stop em.

obviously anything can be busted apart but ive always gathered those locks have done a pretty solid job of deterring, i had a bike stripped clean by pretty resourceful crims but they couldnt get the rensho-u lock-and bike hoop thing apart but they did manage to bring 3 allen keys and 14mm spanner along

ftfy :slight_smile:

I’ve used an angle grinder on a d-lock before. It takes much longer than 8 seconds and causes enough noise to kill a small child.

You must have a shit angle grinder.

DeWalt Angle grinders with 120mm cut off wheels on em can churn through locks in about 30 seconds

sorry to hear about this bike being stolen… really wanna catch the fuckers who stole mine!

Man, such a nice bike. Makes me not want to get a nice bike :frowning: Kents.

Solution: cover nice bikes in shit stickers.

How can I show off my shiny penis extension on 2 wheels when it’s covered in knog stickers?!?!