Bridgestone with history

Hi all, I bought this from Josiah Ng, Malaysian team sprinter. He used it in season '05-'06 to win the World Cup keirin series and also made the final of the Keirin at the Comm games in Melbourne and the World Championships in France.

Now I ride it slow.

Nice bikes those Bridgestones.
But please don’t tell me you’re bashing that around the street as a fixie? :evil:

Sweet, i hope to see that down at DISC sometime soon (if your from Melb’s)

Yeah! and I’ve even made a bracket to hold my durries :smiley:

I race in the Masters, although I’ve done nothing this past summer. But I’ve started training again for Masters Worlds (6th last year in the 35-39 kilo)

It does actually get ridden on the road sometimes as we don’t have a track down here at Bairnsdale, so I’ll take it out to do my downhill sprints and standing starts…only on the quiet roads though. Cheers.

Next summer hopefully in the Masters, State titles Aussie titles and Australian Masters Games, all to be held at DISC…and, rumour has it, 2009 Masters Worlds may be at DISC instead of Sydney.

YES!! #$%^ YEAH!! That would rock. Add to that Revolution and the world cup races at Vodafone - ACE.

It’s a long way to Warragul to go riding in circles :wink:

He He, yes it’s 2.5hrs drive.

There is a track at Sale (50mins drive) but it has only shallow banking (and it’s rough) so you can’t motorpace over 55km/h. Better off on the flat roads around Bairnsdale (even though motor pacing on roads is illegal. Don’t do it kiddies.)

Better tell this guy…

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