Bridgestone XO-1

Bridgestone XO-1 52cm Excellent. The One. | eBay

Intrigued to see what it will go for…

holy toledo! currently at 1200 clams. any bidders in oz?

polly probably homages himself over this every morning

will go to $2K easy, me thinks. Still ruing the fact that I didn’t bid more on that one in NZ last year.

Take the plunge Jln you’ve wanted one of these for years eh?

That one was super nice.

Yeah, I’d have a Bridgestone XO-1… and no wife.


I remember seeing heaps of these selling for $300 and they were always daggy. I don’t see how an XO-1 would go for $2k given that an Atlantis would sell for less.

Only went for $1250…

there you go. That makes me feel a lot better.