Brief report from masters Worlds - for anyone interested

Hi to anyone interested. just reporting on those who shared a house in Sydney.

Ellen De Vries, John Quilligan, Leon Sims (all from Melbourne), Karen Munro (Warragul), and myself Gary Jackson (Bairnsdale), all rode in the Masters Worlds.

Ellen, rode pursuit, scratch, TT and sprint and did well in each event.

John, rode TT, scratch, and sprint, and also rode well with a 6th in the TT and 6th place qualifyer in the sprint.

Leon, rode TT (6th) and joined Myself and the mighty V-train, Stuart Vaughn to finish 10th (18 teams) in the team sprint with a 51.3 time. (next time we might actually practise together!)

Karen, rode TT (Bronze), Pursuit (Bronze), scratch (Silver) and crashed in the points race to be our most successful rider and also to have to dubious honor of being the only one to have a fall. (she is reportedly ok, but scuffed her bling Bont shoes)

Myself, rode TT (Bronze: Yay! though misssed second by 0.05 of a sec.) Had my first ever drug test! Team sprint (as above), and sprint (qual 4th with PB of 11.511 then beaten by a tyre in second round (sprinting can be cruel!) Got worked over by two South Africans in the repecharge so was out!

Excellent fun, and a very well-run event. One more year in Sydney, last opportunity to have a go at a relatively low cost. Likely to be France in 2010. Have a go, even if you think you’re not competitive because it really is a great experience.

Well done to all. Especially on the Bronze in the TT - Gary!!!

Hopefully, with a bit more track experience, I’ll be there next year. :evil:

Thankyou and, Yeah do it before it disapears o’seas again. My expenses were approx.

Accomodation (shared rental house) $220
Fuel $300
Race entry $125

Compare that to the $5000 + needed for going to Masters Worlds overseas and you realise what an opportunity we have with it here.

Great effort! Will we see you for more sprints? :slight_smile:

Yes please, I need to work on my sprint tactics (read as: I need to get some)

I won’t make the November one but am working on getting down for December.