Hows it looking Dan, much cleaner?

We’ve got a product that kind of works. Going to need more of it though and I’m waiting to hear if the school is happy with how it looks after using that product. No point doing all of it unless they are going to be happy with the end result.

hey we’ve all seen how shit the weather has been lately. So if it comes to tomorrow and its still raining lets move polo to the car park again and hope that security guard that let us get away with it last time is still there. As long as we remember that its a car park first and a polo court second we should be ok. is anyone else keen?

Yeah sounds like a plan champ.

Can you let me know where this car park is please? Either by pm (if it’s a secret) or my mobile or on here 0438006704.
I’m ready to start playing :confused:


NickJ already banned you once and you were lucky it wasn’t permanent. Why are you using two accounts? Make a choice and stick with it or you’ll end up losing both of them.

This is exactly how you make things difficult for yourself. If you’re lucky NickJ won’t notice this.


^ check your pms
I’ll email Nick myself to notify him.

all this admin stuff is so retarded to watch. and im keen for polo anywhere this weekend its been too long

Anyone able to tell me where the carpark is?
You can reach me on 0421666142 or just post it here and I’ll check later

if its not actually raining, should we hit the courts first before heading to the carpark? (@cons, i got your number so will text carpark if its there.)

define not actually raining

hey…a break in the rain for a good arvo of bike polo, if a little damp and windy…the rain has set in now that i am safely tucked up indoors…yeah…thanks fellas…nice one

Sorry I couldn’t make it today boys and girls. I was brewing up beer at a mates place all arvo. Will bring it to share in a couple of weeks :slight_smile:

Thanks, that was awesome fun. Got battered by the rain on the way home.
My biggest fall left me with a bit of a headache but it was all good.

Hope it wont be a couple of weeks before we see you…beer or no beer

Ha! No I just meant it will take a couple of weeks for the beer to mature. I’ll be down this weekend for sure!

Big apologies to who had to clean up my empty 500ml Little Creatures bottle. It’s not acceptable to leave it there and not bin it. I forgot all about it until I got home almost. Sorry.
Thanks for the quick game. I know I’m still hopeless but I feel I am improving. I had to leave to take my son to a b’day party.

breakfast polo ftw! that was really fun, and the post polo rollers were such fun! big love

hey i’ll be down there early so i can leave early. come meet me.

Anyone playing today? Bit rainy at the courts but it’s playable.