(Bris) Chandler raises costs?

From Road Grime:
<The Moto X has now been suspended till they sort out their noise problem with the locals. BUT there is no more casual use of the velodrome, its now $35/hr and all cyclist must have CQ licence & there must be a first aid person present.>

If true, this is a pain for non-CQ folk who occasionally play on the velodrome (fixed hour anybody?) and for racer types who want to train on a velodrome (from $4/hr to $35/hr?).

Who was the barin surgeon tha thought it was a good idea in the first place. Of all the place to put a motocross track. :roll:


I’m shitty - have been building a trackie for Chandler, and now I won’t be able to use it. Can I sue?

So whats the go with chandler velo anyways? I often go past there and no one is ever in there. We used to get in there at night and skate it way back in the day but now i have a fixie im keen to go for a lazy sunday sprint on the track. whats stopping anyone just rocking up besides the big fence surrounding it?

That applies for any velodrome - you just need to pick your time. Tuesday nights used to be busy, with club nights for the Wynnum club - during track season of course!


cheers for the links donga… :slight_smile: