BRIS fix video ideas...

ok guys, so i’v been talking bout it for a while now, but i think we have enough riders interested…

SO, this thread will be for discussion abotu filming, ideas, offering your services etc etc!!

put your hand up and let it be known if you want to be a part of it and what you wanna do! eg, traffic, bombing hills, tricks, skids, general muckin around/ lifestyle stuff…

let it be known here!

I put forward Bender for all the bloopers at the end - sorry dude.

dont be sorry, we all knew that was coming :stuck_out_tongue:

A lil bit of everything rite ere’!! Hopefully will have the new build up an running 3 weeks at the latest!! Just waiting on fuckin forks. I’m keen to bomb hills, tricks (limited to my ability), mashn traffic, sweet hitching etc etc … … you name it i’m keen.

I’m with Gypo and Brad, bit of everything and some bloopers.

so anyone got any cool spots they know of??? put them up here :)any particular hills/streets etc you wanna hit??

River side express, all that needs to be said at this stage.

ill be comic relief

nate, i reckon thereshould be a dedicated BFGHC section. oh and BFGDS

nah, fuck BFGDS :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

but i was thinking, for all the parts, could the riders also think of what they might like to have as their music??

something local would be best, because a) it supports the local music scene :slight_smile: and b) we wont run into any problems in the future with rights and shit if we end up making something half decent out of it :slight_smile:

some suggestions for music:

local stuff;

King of red lions - Les Buschel and the Tea Bags (thekingofredlionsmusic) on Myspace

my mates from quiet steps are going to be releasing soon. hopefully it turns out as gold as i think it will

How about we get the footage first then think about the music. Just don’t want us getting ahead of ourselves. :smiley:


perhaps an idea is to do a section of the vid with all the activities we undertake during the wk, i.e milton mashers, thurs night ride, fri arvo traffic mash, sun arvo polo. maby even following a few of the couriers around the city one arvo, like having a section ‘a day in the life of a brisbane courier’ or something.
Also would be keen to be a part of the film, especially a bit of traffic footage…to a bit of mad dubstep of course :slight_smile:

oh btw, im learing editing atm so might be able to help in regards to sound

i like this idea more, take footage of hanging out before thurs night rides / video at polo etc. might be a bit hard to make up many sections thou??

an idea might be to session in front of the brisbane wheel, qut, suncorp etc. places where people would recognise in brisbane?

There needs to be footage of someone getting in the draft of a bus, spinning wildly at 60km/h along Coronation Drive.

As long as we are talking suicidal how about a dozen of us going over the story bridge? Put three cameras along the side and link the footage into a continuous sequence.

I’m keen, particularly for the Polo. Would it be possible to mount a camera on a bike about a half foot off the ground during a polo match? A time lapse from one of the corners would look sweet as well.

Time lapse fixed-beard growing as well?

Oh and for music my vote would be for The John Steel Singers - Rainbow Kraut.

I was so close to posting that last nite. Its a kooky sound that would fit into the video nicely.

We should probs include erik’s fixie store/safe house in this video sumhow :stuck_out_tongue: