BRIS fix video ideas...

For every selected actor of this movie I have a logo t-shirt if you don’t have 1 yet.

Music: something like in this clip?
Don’t think we will ever agree on the music, seeing all the narrow mindedness and even hate by some… :cry:

^^ i love that clip. the bass drop is epic. we need something like that for a traffic mash session!

ds-hc 2-0

Gold clip, hard little kids those dubbers.

This is mash’n musik!!

now now, :stuck_out_tongue: my personal musical opinions wont come into this :stuck_out_tongue:

i think its important that anyone who is in this chooses their own music, that best represents them and their riding :slight_smile:

Music reflecting style. Can i have two musiks haha… defs dub for cuttin sic in traffic

Tricking - hands down goes to mickey avalon - jane fonda :stuck_out_tongue:

aight, fair enough!

Hehehe! I did that the other week, except it was one of those bank vans. scary stuff.

been watching a few of my fav vids today, as gay as it sounds, i think we need to sit down at someones place n brainstorm. watch videos, make note of what works and what dosnt…

we may have to make sacrifices… i would LOVE to have some really crazy hard/death/math core in my bit, but i just dont think it will work.

i think we may have to leave our personal musical preferences at the door, to a certain extent!!

for example, i have been watching the ODYSSEY bmx video alot recently, and the best section of the video is this guy who does some cool stuff, but nothing totally over the top. but his music is “mickey” as gay as that sounds… it just works.

just some ideas i been throwing around…

also, by saying that i dont mean you cant have what you like, but maybe that we all think about what we like/ what will work best and meet in the middle?

whatever, we need footage first :smiley:

It’s my favourite part of my ride home from uni. Gets hairy at times.

yeh i clearly remember a certain video of dan hating on one particular style. haha

its a diverse crew and the music will reflect that obviously

i know what you mean, one really cool snowboarding video i saw had “im walking on sunshine” in one section (imo the best section on the dvd) and it worked real well…

Im down for that, good idea.
Its a MUST to have Eriks shop in it too.

buddy of mine used ‘Tainted Love’ in his spot for death skateboards and it was amazing.

As a film-maker I would love to donate my time to this.

Talking about footage…
I’ve lost everything off the hard drive from the poker run. There was some pretty cool sections it it too… Whenever I try to copy it across, to mac or pc, It fucks up. Mac it screws the computer over, and it completely freezes, pc it just goes this file is corrupt. Sooo… I’m keen to get some more footage, S’long as mí papí allows me to borrow it again…

wow! thats the sickest vid ever!!! dude pulled off tricks ive never seen before

Good to see you coming around :wink:

I run a record label releasing psychadelic trance.
If you are interested in some fantastic electronic music I’ve got a heap I can share.

notice i posted that hours prior to our discussion :stuck_out_tongue:

also dosnt mean we dont need to do SOME planning for what we want :P, so no i dont think i am coming around to ur way of seeing things :P:P :evil: