[BRIS] Global Gutz Alley Cat. Flier up!

so you reckon you got the legs to compete head to head with the best couriers in the world?
reckon you have a chance to do the job for your city and your country?

find out!

19th of april, 10pm.
Global Gutz.
this is where you get to prove yourself against the best in the biz.
all over the world people will be lining up to give it their all and you can join them.

for those of you who don’t know about this race, let me lay out the idea for you.
every city sets out a 21Km course on as flat a track as possible.
no hidden points, no fun activities, just 5 checkpoints and you hammer.
each city starts at the same time around the world so when you are on the road, you are directly competing with amsterdam, berlin, NYC, washington, toronto and many more.

our time slot is 10pm.
start line is going to be 410 ann st. staging from 9:30, racing at 10pm.

no delays, no hesitations.
you DO need a bag or a lock for this, altho i suggest you bring them anyway since we’ll be stopping for the after event booze up and prize giving.

so far the sponsors for this year are crumpler, bike and cycle obsession, between the slices, and hopefully bicycle revolution.
should be plenty of loot.

entry fee hasn’t been finalized yet but should be around $15 if a can get shirts printed, $5 if i can’t.

that’s the easy part.
i’m looking for a few volunteers for checkpoints as well. 3 would be good. so any spare partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, non-combatants of any sort are welcome. they get a marshalls pack and some booze, and a t-shirt if i’m able to get them printed.

but most importantly i’m looking for someone who knows someone who can do a cheap t-shirt print run! ideally i’m looking for someone to do them for free in return for sponsor space on the flyers and spokecards, as well as however big a logo they want to put on the shirts themselves.
alternatively, anyone here got a photo exposure silkscreen set up that can expose a screen for me?

i’m putting up a separate thread about this part, but feel free to call me on 0405 007 890, or pm or email me on lupine128@sluggy.net if you can think of anyone.

I’ve emailed this to a mate who likes offbeat marketing. Hopefully …

this is going to be similar to last years, so it’s not all about the hard core racing.
we’ve got prizes for all sorts, and it should be a fun ride too.
those of you that hang out on other forums, please feel free to post about this, i’d like to get a decent turnout if we can manage it.

tell everyone, and get them to tell everyone as well.

Give us a shout if you need a hand with anything TK. Date is locked in. :mrgreen:


for everyone who’s asked,
the best help i can get is for people to know about it.
i’d like to go big on this one.
remembering that the biggest cat so far in bris has been 18 riders…
lets see if we can break 20!

oh hell yeah 8-), should have my new bike finished this week :smiley:

make me a definite :smiley:


changes from the first post.

  1. you DO NEED a bag and lock. no lock, no bag, no race!

  2. entry fee is $15. but you get a free t-shirt. or you can buy the shirt for $15 and race for free, up to you.

  3. bicycle revolution isn’t coming to the party.

  4. that’s it. there is no 4.

so come get your race on at cathedral square, 410 Ann st, opposite the cathedral funnily enough.
lots of prizes, and a super fast course.

but remember, you don’t have to race it flat out. come ride and have fun.
ask the guys who came last year, it was a hoot.

see you there.

ok guys.
6 days to go.


Remember that to be eligible for the tickets to toronto for the CMWC, you need to race in either sydney or brisbane.
or any city that registered and ran a global gutz LAST year.
you can be as quick as you like, but it needs to be an eligible city.

so come get your race on!

hopefully youve printed some size smalls!

but really, i am so so looking forward to this, and have been ever since you told me about it

so, see you then!

i will need to get a lock, what exactly constitutes a “lock”

that sounds silly i know, but seeing as im going to have to go out any buy a lock, i wanna make sure its acceptable :smiley:

don’t buy a lock just for the race.
buy a lock because it stops ass holes from stealing your ride.
generally, a good quality armored cable lock with a drill resistant cap is the go.
available from any bike shop, prices starting from about $35.
but by the rules, any cheap crap second hand cable lock from cash converters would do. that’ll cost about $5.
but i wouldn’t lock a huffy with it.

well, it’s 24 hours to go.
the shirts are here and i’ve got about a grands worth of loot sitting on the floor.
we’re ready to go.
just need you to turn up now.

see you there.

Results for the brisbane GG

results from brisbane

Time Rider

35.38 Matt
37.47 Karl First fixed.
40.30 Dave
41.00 Simon
41.30 Nathan first non messenger
41.55 Paul N.M.
42.19 Doctor
42.20 Sam N.M.
42.21 Noal N.M.
42.22 Tom N.M.
42.22 Damian N.M.
45.17 Brett
45.38 Dan N.M.
45.58 Pete N.M.
47.27 Mace
50.20 Andy
50.21 James
55.39 Aaron N.M.
55.41 C.J. N.M.

lost in the shuffle around the 48 minute mark was Tom 2.

I have uploaded a short film of last nights race for those interested.

URL: Global Gutz Brisbane 08 on Vimeo

great video, kudos.

hey man, hope you had some fun.
next time tape that thing to you head and have a ride :evil:

people look like they had a good time, and the course seemed to suit most of you.
see you for GG’09!

i’ll start working out where to run you for the next one…

nice one tk
once again a great race
goodonya for all the work

have to note one thing for everyone.
the 24 hour mountain bike challenge was also on this weekend.

i’d like everyone to give it up for matt.
he not only won the global gutz by a handy margin, but he did it in true style.
he’s a messenger and worked a full day on friday, including t5he obligatory piss up down the pub that nite. then next day he raced nine hours of the 24 challenge, got a lift to brisbane, rode a 21 km sprint race, jumped straight back into the car and back to the 24 hour where he continued to churn out laps like the machine that he is and won his category at the 24 as well. then rocked up or a full day in the saddle again today.

so, winner of his category at the '07 24 hour, and the '07 global gutz, then defended and WON both in the same nite this year.

if you wave krypotinite at this guy he falls over.

world results up!

Matt placed 15th overall.
brisbane did pretty well all told, but next time i might not worry quite so much about having U turns in the course. looking at a couple of the other courses makes mine look like an Escher maze.
oh well.

have a look at

What a friggin legend this Matt guy is. I can only aspire to such greatness!

Well done Matt.