[Bris] Show Friday

Its not dubstep so im guessing all you brissy crew arent keen but I’m hitting this up friday…

Since its right near GEAR would anyone be keen for a fri arv ride through traffic, say 6.00pm or later meet? West-end, city, valley or whatever cruise then beers for end of week’s sake

lolololol, i might join you :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m loling too.

Byo sounds good. So does traffic.



there, i said it :evil: :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone going down to the Cyclocross? I’m probably taking my family down to watch it cause they’re up from Melbourne this weekend.

You mean this?


should chuck some bigger tyres and a brake on the gangster and do it :smiley:

such as this

is he about to do an over-the-handlebars skid?

Nate you should put up the footage from last thurs night.

rain yewyeweyewww, UQs the best for skids in the rain!

I’m keen :smiley: Even on 23’s.

What sort of music do the Sexy Girls play?



I was up all night watching cyclocross clips on youtube.

I know it won’t be as rad as the elite Europeans but I will be there.

I hope they have hotdogs.

Rain forecast for Friday :smiley:

Cyclocross is going to be awesome, rad and grouse!!!

Is that right? Grouse?

yeh, apparently thats what all the kids are saying these days :stuck_out_tongue:

Kay, meeting up with a mate before the show and seems like guys are meeting at P.O. square for a friday arv mash through traffic. So its a no go, but come out to the show. yo.