(BRIS) Tuesday Track Night

I know nothing other than Tuesday Track racing starts tomorrow night. I believe it starts at 7pm, which means the track should open at 6pm. I may be wrong…not the first time.

Track Training Commences Tuesday October 17 between 7.00pm and 9.00pm. All welcome, for information contact Billy Wright on 0402 412 480

Roll Call?

Rhino - yep…
TR - commited…

In the Pink?
MikeyD - done.
Anyone else?


I’m a definite yes, Unless the baby makes an early appearance in the meantime…

Spoke to ‘In the pink’ at luchtime, He said not this week…

If same pattern as last year, will be people there from about 6:30…

I have to play taxi at 9-10pm ish, but I’d love to come along at least for an hour or two at the start. I’ll give Billy a call for more details and confirm later today.

You will prob still get a warm up and 2 (of 3) sessions in before needing to get away
It’s fairly informal, so no need to worry about leaving early.


Nope, dunno whether I’m there on a good day but today anyway corporate crocodile tears intervene!!

I’m in, should be there until the finish or close to it, but may be late arriving.

48x16 I think, cleats still not attached to shoes…

Lets hope the rain stays away…


Gave Billy a call, these sessions are for club affiliated members… of which I’m not.

I’ll turn up at 630 anyway, what I’ll be able to do is another story. (apart from ride like a newbie, but that’s guaranteed)

Waiting for my licence…seemed daft to pay for a day permit this week if the licence comes in the next 7 days…see you soon

I have a license with Riders will that count??
It only mentions IMBA, MTBA and UCI so I am guessing not.
What does a years license cost??
Which club has the best deal on membership???
I know there was some pretty decent differences in cost between the few I looked at lasst time.

Holy shit!!!
$205 for a road, track and MTB membership via TRC.
That is a crapload of day licenses!!!

A day licence on the road is ~$30…I think.

just hand over you MTBA licence and see what happens.

In the Pink…if you have a receipt you can race on it. The Road licence is valid from the day you apply…

Sorry, stuck in front of the computer, perhaps I’ll visit next week. Say hello to Billy and all. I remember when he was a newbie…

Had a fat time.
Got put in B grade (never ridden track before other than a quick blat with Rhino).
Lots of stuff to learn. Tactics galore.
Got smashed in the first event where allowed to big a gap and could not catch it up (I am not confident enough to sprint out of the saddle YET). We will work on that this weekend.
Learnt quickly in the 15 lap sprint (whatever that is called) but stupidly lost count of how many laps I had done in the 4 lap final event. :roll:

I shall return and it will be funner!!!

MikeyD, TR and Rhino represented the fixed.org.au forum with great success. Sadly MikeyD and I didn’t organise ourseleves too well, as he would sweep of the front and I would attack. Unlucky…

Gotta say, watching TR in the 15 lap sprint race (sprints at 10, 5 and last lap) was great. He having never really ridden in a pack before meant the learning curve was high. The first 5 laps he was an absolute rookie (with a slightly bemused face), the next five laps the confidnece rose up a notch and his placement in the group became alot better…the last five laps, there was an evil in his eye and you could tell he was going to pin the last lap hard. Sure enough the the bell went and the pace went awol, he let a 5 meter gap go on the first bend, then along the back straight saw just a glimmer of track where he could point the bike. Into the last bend the bike went up high on the back, and into the gap…still seated when everyone else was sprinting, the face turned nasty, and the fury in his legs did some talking. He crossed the line and won with a 5 meter gap.

Next week, suggestion has been for a beer each after the race. I am sure there would be no objections.

Also, its $7 to race on the night, and light are on from 6:30pm. Total of 3 races, and classes are A, B1, B2 and C.

Three words…attack, attack, attack.

That face you mistook for bemusement was me trying hard not to shit myself.

We all had loads of fun…
Beer after racing next week sounds like a fine plan to me…

This may prove to be a mistake… But I’ve rung CQ and entered the support class for the big Grand Prix event at Chandler at the weekend… If anyone wants a laugh, come along Saturday afternoon…


I will be at the Come & Try session 4 with hopefully one other.
Have to bail after that though as the wife has planned a trip to the Sunny Coast overnight.

Is there a track at Caloundra???

Hey Brisfixs, I’ll be at the Tuesday track night this week - just heckling tho - hope to see you all in the carpark afterwards!