Brisane Movie evening?

this is a cut and paste from the roubaix thread, but an idea i thought i might float anyway.
brooke and i are off to melbourne for a week of riding round in the begining of may, so it would probably be after that.
but heres the idea.
thinking of doing a movie night here in brisbane if i can find someone central with a big screen.
i have the following movies which might for a fun day/evening/nite. i’d offer copies but my dvd burner is having issues and i can’t find out what is wrong with it.
anyways, the movies…
2 secondes. canadian flick about a girl who stops racing downhill and ends up as a messenger.
beijing bicycle. chinese movie about a bike messenger who has his ride stolen, and how he gets it back.
quicksilver. the original messenger movie with kevin bacon. it’s got fixies, its got tricks, it’s a bad 80’s day.
pedal. new york messengers, but the weird ones…
red light go. new york alley cat racing. one of the all time classic docos about messes.
double yellow. solid doumentary about working as a mesenger in philly, and follows jt around the world a bit as well.
also have stuff like ‘biggest classic cycling crashes’ which is mainly an excuse for phil liggot to get excited and shout a lot. and a bunch of doco’s on roadie racing. and a butt load of mountain bike movies.
and i’m right in the middle of trying to locate a copy of the japanese movie the messenger. if you know of one, or can help, let me know.
so, who wants to host a movie thing if i can supply the flicks?