Brisbane Anzac Day Ride

Same meeting place at 8am. So far we have ndf, rogaines father & son team and myself. It will be a relaxed ride with a small focus on skills, and a search for an artistic photo from rogaine!!!

Cheers, rhino

I’m a definite unlikely. I have many husbandly duties to perform tomorrow, such as screwing things to walls.

But I’ll be there for Fixed Trix on the Saturday it occurs. (Silly rabbit, fix are for skids)

Rhino, Nath, Pete, Miles and Dave turned up the for ‘brisbane fixed skills day’. Lots of informaiton passed hands, with all of us learning something new. Dave showed his impressive no-hands trackstands, nath getting confident on skids and trackstanding, miles and pete getting 90% of backwards circles a nudge. I too around the 90% mark of the b-cirlce, monos, 1-handed skids and started the long-hard path of the no-hands skids…nearly crashing my brains out (and have bruises to prove it).

Great little ride afterwards, and even better coffee.

Sara and I went out for a ride via new farm, and almost made it to the meet point by 8. Thought you may have still been there, but you’d already headed off by 815.

The only fixing I did for the rest of the day was bookshelves to a wall.