Brisbane Beerquest II (Saturday 27th August)

After the great success of Beerquest I, I propose that we undertake our second quest next weekend. It’s short notice I know but the girls made a spur of the moment decision to vacate to Sydney and therefore I have a free weekend to play with bikes and drink tasty beer.

The second brewery on my list is Mt Tamborine (MT Brewery). They’ve had a bit of a face lift recently and look to be the goods. The food is expensive and wanky so I might opt to grab a veggie pasty in the village instead and then fill up on beer and chips at the brewery. I’ve calculated that it is about 65km to get there and then 25km back down the hill to get to the train.

Route map

It is a 500m climb to get up to the top of the mountain but the climb isn’t until the last 10km so we can keep as a group until the base, have breakfast, and then make our own way up at a comfortable pace. Watch your beer intake at the top because it is a long descent down and I don’t want to have to be jumping barriers to come and pull you out of a tree if you overcooked a corner.

I propose that we leave earlier than last time so that we can get out of suburbia before Bunnings and IKEA open, and football practice starts. We can grab breakfast in Tamborine and then hit the mountain after that.

Leaving from 2/16 Leonard St, Gabba at 7:30am. Rock up before then if you want a pre-ride coffee.

Who’s in?

definitely in!

F##K yes! next weekend :slight_smile:

wont be drinking but am defs up for it. out of curiosity, are people planning on going fixed or with gears?

See how i am feeling after this week training on fixed.

I’ll be going with gears, if you want to go fixed the ride out to Tamborine village is pretty straightforward on street gearing, but expect to be out of the saddle a bit on the climb unless you drop the ratio back, or can grind in the saddle really well. Given we’ll be stopping for breakfast at Tamborine village if you have a flip/flop hub it would be quite easy to affix a larger sprocket, flip your wheel while we wait for breakfast, and be ready to attack the hill on a slightly smaller ratio.

Departure time changed to suit Geordie, he’s coming straight to my place from nightshift, awesome!

^ he’ll sleep wel!!

riding to Gear from New Farm is hardly “training”…

sorry - couldn’t resist

fuck you. i been riding morning again. haha

i’ll be on the corner of logan rd/creek rd, mt gravatt shopping centre side at 7:45.

i’m in, this will be rad, and 7.30 is nicer than 6.30 for me too, i do not excel at getting up early, thanks dan for planning

redness??? you need to pony up for this mutha fuka!

I dislocated my knee again last night due to some rough play with some twins from Inala…sorry guys I’m out!

GODDAMMIT - if Azz isn’t going, then I don’t know if I’ll be able to muster the motivation to emerge from the house

negative, pony much noisy, and have to see da sis la

It’s official, this Saturday’s brew ride is dedicated to Azz and his bung knee.

i know most red blooded males have a thing for twins, but common… Inala twins!!! your doing it wrong

we’re not riding to Sydney… you’ll be back in plenty of time.

noisy aint an acceptable excuse either - you ride with a fuking iPod