Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival

Hey guys, Josh, the producer of the BFF in Sydney is in town and wants to do a little spin off/trial version of the BFF in Brisbane. It’s on really short term, there will be some movies and a few events between Wednesday November 2nd and Sunday November 6th. We still aim to make this a succes and get a full BFF version here next year, so we are looking for some volunteers to promote the shit out of it. Early next week I’ll post up the definite program here, but it will be some kind of race open for all riders on Wednesday evening, movies afterwards, on Friday screening of ‘To live and ride in LA’ and Rivercity Rollers, Saturday a group ride and in the evening an open air screening of a mtb movie at the Gap and Sunday of course Pushies Galore. Initially we’re looking for a helping hand somewhere next week to spread flyers and posters around the city in bikeshops, cafe’s, etc. Printwork will be ready probably Tuesday. Please let us know if you want to help out a bit.

I might be able to throw some up around uni, if that is any help?

The festival has been postponed for a couple of weeks to better promote and organize I believe.
Is roller racing still on Saturday though?

far as i knew rollers was part of it and postponed

wasnt at polo, info plz

about sums it up mang.

Okay guys, here some more info: A new bike event is just around the corner. The Brizzy Bike Fest (BBF) “aims to get more people riding by celebrating bike culture through film, art, discourse and of course rides.” The brainchild of Sydney Bicycle Film Festival organiser, Josh Capelin, the BBF will be a four-day love-in between bikes and good times. There will be 80′s themed bike adventures, a bike poster exhibition, bike film events and a celebration of that iconic Brisbane ride – the River Loop. The events will take place from 23-26 November 2011. See the online program: The Program | Brizzy Bike Fest or here: Gear Brisbane

Get involved with this great event through the BBF website (Brizzy Bike Fest) and the Facebook page (BrizzyBikeFest).