brisbane bike polo photos.

hey guys just some photos from the brisbane bike polo
at westend on sunday arvos.
plz let me know if you like them?

Wicked little dude. See you next weekend. You’ll have to play next weekend though!

lovely photos.

Great shots!

who edited my post to ‘epic’ where i had ‘looovely’. ya weirdos.
i don’t use the word epic, but sure, the photos are epic, in the popular/contemporary usage of the word. :wink:

I described a group of people as ‘loooovely (spelled properly)’ in another post and it got changed to epic.

Infact it just happened again. Strange script there.

Haha,sneaky word filters strike again?

in a bid to make teenagers feel more welcome on the forum perhaps? ;]

Nah, just bored mods.

i facepalm.