Brisbane crew member coming to Sydney

Hey guys and gals. Moving down from Brisbane next weekend to Newtown and was looking to join up on some rides (fixed and roadie), and you know…hopefully make some friends cause won’t know anyone. What’s the go down here? Do I have to make an offer of blood to be your mate or just be able to skid with one leg over my bars :stuck_out_tongue:


We’d probably all love to come hang out with you, but we’re too busy working hard to pay for our expensive coffees and fancy beers, not to mention astronomical rents/epic home loans/costs of new-born babies etc.

Why would you want to move here?

When you click the Sydney section of the forums, the URL should change to

Myself and Rhys ride a lot of early geared missions during the week starting from about 20min from newtown
Kin rides a fair bit as well in the mornings in the same areas with another krew
Lemontime is into some night time fixed riding

This. I also live like 3 suburbs away from newtown, so holla at me if you’re ready to make your blood pact.

I’ve sold all my bikes. I only come here for the dating tips.

Although we might appear to be a salty bunch we are pretty friendly, we just don’t hang out so much anymore hence our strange attitudes. The summer of 2009 was like our final year at high school and since then we have all grown up and gone our separate ways. We are still pretty rad when time permits.
Like Kanye said we mostly ride gears and Newtown is not too far from anywhere. If you want to join a club and start racing on the track let me know, you’re living in area most handy, as the Tempe track is close by.
I used to live in Brisbane and will be moving back there in a year or two, so we will have lots of things to talk about.

Hey mate,
I’m in newtown also, I roll in the afternoons after work. Hit me up if your keen

I’ve since had my coffee and am feeling less grumpy. It’s been pouring rain here all day and I haven’t done any proper riding in months.

The guys have covered it - there’s plenty of group road rides to choose from, and the track training/racing at Tempe with DHBC is recommended too.

The truth is we asked him to leave.

Which must work, given your current status.

Che ?

Lol you jerk, what you trying to do to me here!? See ya at trak tomorrow?

Thanks guys! Lookin forward to it!