Brisbane CX Skills Session 8th July 2012

Mudsters of the Universe: Cyclocross Skills Session

2pm, Murrarrie Rec Reserve, Cannon Hill.


I am so going to that.

Thanks Blakey

This is awesome! It’s only down the road for me, so no excuses. My TCX will finally see some action.

I would add, remove bottle cages, and better to use a road bike than an mtb.
Removing bottle cages makes it much easier to shoulder the bike.
Any road bike will be fine, just use lower pressures,

I wish I could be there to show my attack and fail method, but I have to be in Townsville that weekend for a 4 wheel stink fest.

dont think they will let me do this on either of my bikes… :frowning:

will come down to watch/cheer/heckle if i can

Wanna bet, come along - you still owe me a beer / coffee :wink:

Great idea for an event, hope you get a good turnout

Just thought I’d give this a bump- see ya’s there 2pm
I’ll be bringing down some spare flat pedals if you want to borrow them.

I’ll give it a go. Taking cages/straps off the pedals would be better, yes?

After saying no excuses… I’ve just realised I’m playing cricket at Mt Tambourine on sunday. Damn it… I’m praying for rain so cricket is called off though.

Cages off so you can carry your bike, leave the cages on, plastic may be better, save breaking metal ones.
you just need shoes you can run, leap tall building with.

How did this go down today?

It was fun, there were about 8-9 of us there in total.

I am planning on running another before the Ipswich race.

Murrarie was ideal, Brad’s pvc barriers were a little too high- ground was too hard!
Mud was excellent, terrain will make for a fine cyclo cross course.
23 or 25 mm road tyres worked fine too, not sure if Thomas, rode in the mud?
I won’t make it to the next one, but make sure youse bring a sense of humour!

400mm is regulation height. If you buy some elbows and tees you can make inverted T legs so they’re easier to move around and the height is always 400mm. If you can find 3 way elbows you can use less pipe and make them more stable, but I can’t find them at any plumbing suppliers down here.


^ Nice ideas.

I had them marked at 40cm so I knew how far to push them in - but the ground didn’t get the memo. I didn’t think there would be much difference, but I could feel that extra 10cm.

Modifications to barriers will be in place for the next one.

My report from the blog

Mudsters of the Universe: Cross With Care