Brisbane Fixed Heshers:

wtf is a ‘hesher’

When are those heshers going to realize that it’s not 1989 anymore?

Fuck… that actually sounds cool. I love Judas Priest.

where was all this shit when i lived in brisbane? :frowning:

hah, exactly! yimmy and era, im back home in the US of A, so i proobably wont be able to make the rides.

but remember how i complained to you all how where i live theres noone that that even rides, let alone puts on races? well, that must have changed while i was busy riding with you guys, because theres a scavenger points race on thursday night. so ill be riding with you guys in spirit, hah.
have fun!

From, a definition that relates to bikes:

A washed up,greasy,skinny longhair. Known back in the 80’s for chronic bike thievery, the stolen ten speed would be altered so the handle bars would sit upside down. Generally homophobic but are usually prone to turgid dick toking sessions on the sly.

The king of all heshers is the singer from “desensitized”, a tired, shitty band of old washed up Victoria, BC heshers
Man, that hesher just rode up on my neigbor’s bike and tried to sell me a chunk of black bubble gum. He called it “hosh”.

Bring back the mullet!

outside the Royal George, yeah?

I’ve got a bit of canvasss showing on the back,
but will bring a spare tyre and tube…
a quick pit stop might be needed halfway thru.

see you guys there…

…maybe a quick one (2?) at the IH before RG?
See ya all there

[b]Hey all,

here is a map for tonight. If some of you cant make it to the valley mall by 7pm, take note of where we are riding and wait by the side of the road and jump out in front of us and join in on the ride!!!

Look fwrd to meetin some crew.

Cya tonight.[/b]

Next time you get a flat on my driveway, just put the tube in the bin that was 2m away from where you left it tonight :-P.

When I get my wheel back from the shop I will come for the next ride. It burns me up to see my bike sitting there minus the rear wheel - and when I saw all you guys out tonight it made me all excited and shit.

HAH! Where you the guy who drove out in the car I said G’day to?

Also, for all the guys that rode tonight we’ll post new rides on here as well as Bris Fixed (brisbanefixed) on Myspace .

Good ride tonight.

great ride
cool fun
thanks Lockie
just got home thanks to Kamakarlzi

Yeah - small world…

I have been reading the forums for a while but have been waiting for my bike to get back on the road. I have been reduced to riding my bike bike with gears for the last month.

I was going to see if you guys needed any tools, but I saw someone was just changing the tube.

I will keep an eye out for the next ride and join in.

just got home thanks to Kamakarlzi - simon

Hahaha good one Simon!! Now let me quote the time i saw you posted this…

Posted on: Today at 05:14:41 AM

This would of made for an interesting ride home.

Cheers for coming tho, it was great having you couriers show us “trendy skidders” how its really done!! haha

Speak soon Simon.

And thanks to every one who came out for the first of many thursday night rides. Was a really fun night. Hope you all enjoyed it. Maybe we should all meet every second thursday night. If anyones got suggestions share them.

Speak soon.

OK I figured out now some things about heshers is they don’t wear lycra, don’t stop at reds, do stop for a ciggie or three, do skid, do have a bunch of nice bikes, do negotiate for a long time on what route to take, and are plenty friendly. Thanks for a fun ride, guys!

Ha ha, Simon, Karl, u must have had a tough day!
When I left at about 1 I couldn’t even ride straight any more, thanks for the beers!

Was a good idee heshers, let’s make it a weekly thursday or friday thing, I’ll be there at the next ride.

Any of you guys riding the werewolfs saturday?

Any of you guys riding tomorrow or friday night?
Or is everybody still tired from last thursday :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Hey Erik, sorry not riding tonight mate… Which im spewin about. got way to much work on. ill let you know if we go for a cruise friday night.