brisbane geography

I was just wondering if there is anybody in Brisbane, Australia or in the area who can enlighten me about the geography of brisbane. I am looking for a bike while I am there for study abroad (preferably a fixie as advertised in the “wanted” section here).


pretty hilly in most areas within 5 km’s of the CBD. but particularly paddington, red hill, spring hill. my old town. prepare to sweat like a bastard in the summer, though!

I’m a Brisbane local - go with 43:16 it’s the best gear for riding around. I was on 53:16 and although it was fast it was a bitch on the hills. Brisbane, once you get 10 - 15 kilometers out of the city is fairly flat depending on the direction you go.

There’s Mount Cootha to the north which is a just big hill
There’s Mount Nebo - Mount Glorious to the North West(Two large hills linked via a spin, you can do about 80k’s up in the hills)
There’s Mount Gravatt to the South, which although somewhat steep is not very long.

I’d suggest that, unless you really know what you’re doing, you stay away from riding fixed up/down these hills.

Bytheway, there’s nothing you need that’s going to be 20 Kilometers out of Brisbane CBD. Most stuff is either in the city or close to it.

I’ll be upgrading to a Surly Steam Roller next month and will have a Langster for sale if you need when you get here.

In Brisbane I get around on 42x16 on a light road set-up. There are lots of steep, short hills that are unavoidable around the city and suburbs, so any longer gear than that will hurt - a slightly shorter gear might be better. I wouldn’t contemplate Mt Cootha on much longer than 39x18, but I’m no climber.

Hey captain, what size are you? I would most likely be very up for buying your bike from you assuming it is the rough size range. Where in brisbane are you? I will be in St. Lucia at the university.


And I also e-mailed Lupine on a suggestion from “christof”.

Its a 56 I am 183cm. Lupine is a champ!

I run 46/16 for commuting in Bris on my Steamroller. Does get a bit tall at times, particularly in the inner city, but it’s just right for the arterial roads once you get out of town.

45-16 for work.
lets me bop up and down spring hill all day, and still roll along the flat sections.