Brisbane Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2010

Brisbane Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2010

where: musgrave park, west end.

when: 1pm Sunday 12th september 2010

who: Invite is open to all brisbane teams. We hope that this tournament will be a good chance for everyone to play in their nationals teams.

We will be playing on the same size courts as we will play at nationals, which is our courts split in half! Games will be 10 mins long or first to 5 goals. Complete round robin format. Entry is $15/team with the winners taking a cash prize pool and bragging rights as the best team in Brisbane. Hoping to have the usual BBQ and beats at the courts aswell. any queries just shoot me through a PM or come see me this weekend at polo.


can i play with my european cheater mallet please?

go for it.

heh, i was just teasing. but yes, i will go for it.

nice one gypsy

will there be room for a gold coast team?

yes. Please gold coast teams come up!!! Its going to be a good day :slight_smile:

Any chance we could start earlier?

yeah defs keen on starting early to check out the derby

5 dollar entry / player

full round robin

300 dollar gear brisbane voucher for the winners
the official bne champs trophy which simon and brett have kindly put together.

registration 12:30
games start 1:00 sharp

should be able to run the whole tournament in about 2 and abit hours and we then plan to roll over to the kurilpa derby to support WECA who is doing us big favour for nationals!

Epic fucking day. Congrats to the Locals (Brett, Mace and Simon) for the win, both the games we played against you were my favourite. Good work on the trophy guys. Donkey Punch, you guys were unreleting. Coops, you deserved that MVP. Thanks for all the peeps who set up the courts, next weekend will be sweet as. Anyone got photos???

Body is thrashed. Will be investing in pads before next weekend. Not looking forward to waking up tomorow morning at all. Good work to LOCAL for taking out the title. Cooper you are a weapon, congrats. Looking forward to next weekends events!

Can you guys post full results from the tournment so we can see who the biggest Nationals threats are?

that was a great day. congratulations to local, i’m with jamie, playing against you were my highlight matches. really fast, non scrappy polo ftw. it was also great to watch the team play between rootbeer and gypsy, as far as bang on passing and filtering goes, you two have got it pretty down pat.
i’m pretty sore today, endo-ing into the derby crowd, not my finest of bike polo moments.
cooper, you’re a weapon, in a good way.
gypsy, i’m sorry your reunion with the sword went so wrong :frowning:
i had loads of fun playing with zissou, and also was great to sub in for SM and the pirates or whateverthefuck they were called - pirate dave’s team.

can’t wait for nationals!

if we had have had a ‘best goal’ prize, i would have nominated gypsy scoring on jamie in the game i goal reffed - he totally faked out on the ball with his mallet and forced jamie out of goal to score, it reminded me of watching l’equipe score on malice to win the euros last year… seriously, very skillful and thinky polo. chapeau!

had a lovley day , much thanks.
i think i did my usual routine of leaving shit at polo , and left my pads tied to the centre post.
did anyone take pick them up?

Yeah someone grabbed them, could have been Gypo.

Nah, 'twas me antman…

I chucked it in the pedomobile… speak to Jordy of MPS fame.

Cheers mate, ill get onto him.

Does anyone have a photo of the winning team?