Brisbane invades Melbourne Trip (Late November)

Been talking about this for a while now. Melbourne trip is definantly going ahead for whoever is keen. So everybody sort your shit out. as there is plenty of stuff to do in Melbourne late November. Personally i couldnt decide between the two weekends so i am staying there for the whole week in between them. Here’s your options:

Weekend 1.
21st/22nd November
Alleycat + Roller Racing + Party + UCI Track World Cup


Weekend 2.
28th/29th November
BFF Weekend + National Hardcourt Polo Champs

Hope you’ll can make it.

I’m booked to go down on the second weekend.

Me and Kristine are there from the 27th of nov to 5th of december. Flying down and either riding the 20ks from Tullamarine to the city or getting the bus. We are staying at a backpackers on Flinders st. We are flying Virgin Blue, they give you 28 kgs baggage if you have sporting equipment. Its worth the extra cash just to not fly Jetstar and be stranded 60 k’s away from the city at avalon airport

As someone who does this trip a lot +1 billion.

I thought Jetstar are flying into Tullamarine now?

maybe from adelaide. i think jetstar fly into tullamarine from the gold coast.

Tiger airways fly into Tullamarine from the Goldie.

yeah - i’ll be there. not sure which weekend.
don’t worry: not going to compete in polo, but would like to have a crack at the alleycat.

when are the times being posted?
anyone know match times etc over the weekend?
trying to organize flights to match

As one of the organisers of the alleycat part of the ‘ring of fire’ if you let us know you are coming down we should be able to sort you out with a suitable ‘tour guide’ for the race or a ‘visual aid’ if you arent familiar with melbourne.

no promises on the quality/sanity of the ‘tour guides’… but that might be what you want :evil:

I’ve just been ruled out for the alley cat weekend with my sisters 21st but I’ll probably be coming down mid week to just roll round and stick round for the POLO>

Wont be there for the Alleycat but will definitely be there for the polo :evil:

now i just gotta sort flights…

i’m also willing to help out of towners with hints and tips for the BFF alleycat / world cup weekend. and those thinking of riding in from tulla should definitely pm me for a map - i ride out that way quite a bit.

if you’re coming down for polo, well, you’re on your own. the two don’t really mix down here. one of the weird quirks of this town.

too hard to choose between the two weekends

So I noticed last time I was down :-(. A side effect of the size of the scene? (or the size of some peoples egos :wink:).

Where is the love???

depends on what side of the fence you sit on… i have friends on both sides but like oil and water they just dont seem to mix that well here right now.

however post-ghettocross there may be a bunch of beaters sitting around without a purpose. :mrgreen:

so who is going away for what weekends?

Here’s a rough idea.

Gypsy [20th-29th]
Erik [20th - 22nd]
Marty [26th - 1st?]
Jamie [Around polo tournament]
Antman Dan [Around polo tournament]

Benny [living in Melb now]
Will-i-am [living in Melb now]

team names?I was thinking anna bligh’s sexy guys (or thighs)
Good luck with the alleycat Gypo and Eric and anyone else who is down there.