Brisbane MTB rides

So a few of us have mtb’s now or are about to purchase one,
So lets ride people

What are people’s skill level?
Daisy hill is a good for beginners through to experienced. There are currently new trails being built by Logan City Trailcare (mtb riders, LCC firies and experienced trail builders) in Daisy Hill and Cornubia.
There is a regular Wednesday morning ride, leaving Underwood Park BMX car park at 6am. 60/40 riding/talking, but generally fun.
Weekend rides are always on, including morning, afternoon and night rides.
Let me know if anyone is interested?

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This is a good read.

I like Daisy Hill - I’m in.

Don’t laugh at my full ridged 29 with drops.

9 speed, 29er rigid here.

Ah just replied in the other thread. I am a complete beginner.

Just how I was when I first rode a fixed gear.
Mtbing is great for beginners, you just ride slower and have more stops. It’s still great fun.

Whats the deal with venman bushland? All trails leading there say no bikes

Yeah, Venman is a National Park, while there is a long story regarding whether the bicycle is classified as a vehicle, the short story is we can’t ride in National Parks, though fire roads are legal in some National Parks. It’s been an on going thing for over 20 years.
Now that Cornubia forest park is legal for riding and way more technical than Venmans, it’s not such a problem.

how crowded does Bunya get on the weekends, my first ride was during the week. only me and one other

Daisy hill is far wayawayway.

What about cootha? Couple tracks head down for channel 9, pipeline etc… Not sure if they still lead down to blue nurses in the gap/ash grove

haven’t ridden mtb since mine got stolen when I was 16!!

Weekends at most mtb venues around Brisbane are busy. Summer, it’s early morning, then late afternoon. Winter, it’s daylight hours.

thought as much, might hit it up tomorrow morning.

I can second that. Daisy Hill on a weekend is nuts. I’ve only done Bunya once on the weekend, it it was busy, but not as bad as Daisy Hill. But maybe that is because the tracks are a bit more seperated at Bunya.

Xcx and i are hitting up daisy hill tomorrow arvo.

So are Marty and I around lunch

It will be very wet, sadly.

bunya was good this morning, not to wet. just a bummer my mate,s bike failed after 15 mins and we had to leave. rain hit the area around lunch.

Check out bayview, drop me a pm if you want someone to show you around

where is good for some xc? any trails recommended around beerburrum/glasshouse mountains? fancy a group ride around there sometime?