Brisbane MTB rides

I haven’t ridden up that way myself but, QLD MTB is a pretty good resource. Ignore if you have already looked at either.

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as is MTB Dirt

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Has anyone ridden the Brisbane valley rail trail recently?
Would it be possible to ride a CX bike on it?

Moore to Blackbutt is very good. Good quality dirt roads. Blackbutt to Yarraman is a lttle less maintained. There would be a few creek crossings which will require walking on a CX bike but I would think that it would be entriely doable.

Note: never ridden a CX

I should do my civic MTB duty, for those new to MTB’ing. Riding on wet trail will bring very bad karma.

Rule of the short fat digit is, if you leave a rut in the mud, it is too wet to ride and poo will fall from a great height upon your day for the damage you are causing.

if it’s wet, hit the fire trails.

just picked up an old 90’s Norco scrambler. plan to tear down tonight and rebuild / degrease / regrease. seems to be in good condition mostly, shifts well and such.

never ridden off the road before. ideas for a good spot to try it out ? shortish rides to start out preferably

and all you mtb’ers, what kind of foot retention do you use. is it unwise to use my spd’s or straps ? just stick with the platform pedals starting out ?

spd’s all the way for mtb IMO, hate the floating feeling on flats

plenty of places to go, which side of town you on?

awesome. Should’ve mentioned I’m on the west side. ie. indooroopilly-kenmore area.

i don’t know for sure but i think anstead has some trails ? i’m often in ipswich too, so might look into bundamba and some other tracks through there. Wold be good to go with a few people to pick up a few hints

I’ve just started riding mtb in Brisbane and am loving gap creek.
I even took my wife out there and she loved it.

Seems to have a good variety, will get the rig up and running and see how it handles then maybe take it out this weekend, or next week sometime.

Very keen to get out and dirty now !

Gap Creek will keep you happy for a long time - and the trails link up all the way up and over Mt Glorious if you’re keen.

Yep to gap creek, nice and close for you too!

i had a training day at Gap Ck today with work, got to ride 6 or 7 MTBs including a hardtail 29er that i was keen to buy, now i think i want a 26" cos they do way better jumps.

Speaking of jumps n 26ers, for those that dont have jobs, ive been trying to get out n session at ferny grove on fridays if anyone else is into that sorta shit.

Have also hitup daisy hill on the cx last couple of saturdays - simply jumped on the gc express train, alight at loganlea n then its only a ten minute ride up the road till u hit dirt.

You get a train to ride?

Maybe try riding down the SE freeway bikeway, along Logan rd, turn left onto Underwood Rd and ride to the end.

Fuk up dayne - u drive a car somewhere to ride all the fuking time. U wanna try riding ur bike to track for once?

@Gordy - yeah thats how i get home but first thing in the morning i just wanna get into it n dont feel like listening to the hum of big tires on concrete

Hahaha yeah yeah, this being back at uni is great it’s bringing back your teen angst
And that works for you.
Might do a nebo run sun or mon if your keen Dave and Scott might be going to

MTB Dirt Mountain Bike Social Networking forum - Topic - New Trail in Daisyhill Forest
Here’s some trailcare we are building in Daisy Hill at present.

Hitting gap creek for the first time with some mates this sunday morn… Anyone else be up there?