Following in the long traditional fixed friday ride (well…1 so far) it has been rumoured that we are on again this Friday morning. 5:50am start…just so we don’t get caught with the many 6am bunches, and meeting directly in-front of La Dolce Vita, Park Road.

Last week we made it from the starting point, and ended up at the coffee club near the mater hospital at 7am. The pace will be…chatting, cruise, a bit of pace etc.

Its been a very long time since we have all meet up, and now that winter is behind us a few more rides will be starting. Also remember that we have a Track Day at Chandler this Sunday as well, in preparation for Tuesday Night track racing which should start next month (pending the lights getting fixxed).

Also, through some thought into attending the next Gold Coast to Brisbane Fixeed Midnight express ride. Not sure when this will be, but another will be planned before Blakey leaves us for Melbourne.

Nathan (ndf) will be coming up in early November, and pending if his hand holds up, we might either meet out at Chandler or a street cruise, and then venture back to my place for a BBQ, Refreshments and might show a cycling movie or two on the projecter

Rhino, Rogaine, Inane and Simon so far…

How far and how fast ? Don’t mind dropping off the back if it gets hectic but I aint anywhere near ready for a smashfest. Worst case I’ll meet you guys for a coffee on my ride in to work.


TTT…pace can be a little high, but we do seem to re-group along the way. No-one has ever been left behind…

See y’all tomorrow morning.

5:50 am in front of some eiffle tower or something.

Currently drinking XXXX gold…man, why did I move to QLD?