Brisbane Sat ride.....Mt Cootha ???

What do you think…nath and I did it several weeks ago, including the loop around all the TV stations.

Same place at 7am.

Am open to other ideas to ride to, and may finish the ride and go see nath.

(brakes are a must on the descent)

Rhino, What gear do you run for this…42 /16 /17 /18 ???

Also, got a new frame at the weekend to replace the ‘pink’ when all the cracks meet up…From Cecil Walker with a white ‘P’ on the front so imagine it’s a Paconi, road frame, not track…but a thing of beauty.
Pop up to the IT Dept. and have a look sometime…running it as a (gulp) singlespeed at the mo’ :stuck_out_tongue:


you DO mean 54 * 16/17/18 right?

  • Joel

I run a 39 x 15 (mainly due to when the bike was put together I only had a 39). Nath had a similar gear and we rolled up cootha quite easily.

'In the Pink"…will be over this morning!!!

Hey, good to see you here Pinkarello! I saw you at Toowong on Labour Day, but you whizzed past too fast for me to say hello. Is the ‘P’ also pink?

I’ll be canoeing up the Sunshine Coast this w’end, so no rides for me.

Also, PA website says 12:30-8pm on weekends for visiting hours, not sure how flexible they are.


G’day Blakey…No, the ‘P’ is red, and a beautiful paint job too, so I won’t be ‘pinking’ it anytime soon. Still, there are a few k’s left in the Pinkarello before the creaking drives me insane…
Someone flashed (lights !!!) and waved at me between Jack Pesch and UQ on Labour Day…was that you or just a case of mistaken identity??
Haven’t decided on Cootha , yet…still carrying a ton of weight…but am fed up with my Saturday morning domestics…time to spin some wheels

Wasn’t me, I was at the Regatta/citycat bike rack with my wife, talking to my supervisor and saw your pink bike flash past behind him.

I reckon you and pinkarello just have a fan in that mystery driver!

It came down to two riders keen for the Cootha loop, Rogaine and Rhino. We basically just rolled up and stoped at the look-out for a bit, and then continued along past the TV stations, down the steep-ish downhill (both trying not to use front brakes) and finished near red hill. A great day, and a perfect view.

Having climbed this on the fixie now twice, I have to say its not really a balls oout tough climb, it is steep in some sections but you can maintain a pretty normal cadence. The hard part is the long downhill, trying to maintain control.

Next Saturday is the RIDE OF SILENCE, details to be posted shortly. Afterwards, we will do a coffee run (basically we are just going to roll easy…the more the merrier).

300!!! Woohoo.

You truly are a prolific poster Rhino.