Brisbane sun ride .... Mt Nebo / Glorious

Since I can’t make saturday, how about an ambitious sunday ride.

Brisbane - Mt Nebo - Mt Glorious - Samford Village - Brisbane

Should be about 90km but there is a lot of climbing (apparently) and some steep descents. I have not done this route before but it should be fun :slight_smile:

Late start to allow those having a big saturday night (me) to recover. 10:30 am at QUT side of goodwill bridge.

Anyone interested?

James, I take it that this isn’t a fixed ride. There are some very steep descents in this route, ones where we have to walk down. I would do it on fixed if others are keen, I am saying its would be a difficult ride to do. Gears for this one…for the time being.

I’m in…

I was going to “try” it fixed if others are keen/crazy enough.

However if you think it is not really practical (I have never done it) then we can change it to a geared ride.